Open Framework for Cultural Projects

We are excited to support and collaborate with people who want to bring more cultural understanding to the world through social research and development projects, both on the national and international stage.

We are constantly looking for and creating projects that align with the goals presented in PICY’s charter:

“Educational, cultural, artistic, scientific and technological promotion and development, particularly the preservation and protection of the Maya culture.”

Have an idea for a project? Interested in helping with an existing project? Contact Lucero Gutierrez or Polly McAdam.


In 2019, PICY and HerStory Campaign partnered to bring the LitClub Programming to the communities of Yucatán. Together, we will provide safe spaces and mentor girls with our unique curriculum, building girls' confidence by cultivating modern literacy and self-expression skills. We believe that with a strong voice, a girl can transform herself, her future, her community, and the world.


U kúuchil tsikbalo'ob - La caja de los cuentos

With the intention of fostering reading and writing abilities among the children of Yucatán, México, we created a mobile library which is traveling through the state, spreading hope, knowledge, and stories. The library is moving from place to place, visiting several communities, and bringing the joys of reading to those who do not have access to books.

Our mission is to transform children into the protagonists of their own stories so they become agents of change, propellers of hope, and advocates of peace.

Language Classes

We are excited to offer an ever wider range of language classes at our school building in Merida. If you're interested in learning Spanish, English, or Japanese, let us know!