Open Framework for Cultural Projects

We are excited to support and collaborate with people who want to bring more cultural understanding to the world through social research and development projects, both on the national and international stage.

We are constantly looking for and creating projects that align with the goals presented in PICY’s charter:

“Educational, cultural, artistic, scientific and technological promotion and development, particularly the preservation and protection of the Maya culture.”

Have an idea for a project? Interested in helping with an existing project? Contact Lucero Gutierrez or Polly McAdam.

Ein Stammtisch en Yucatan

The purpose of connecting two countries for a "dual-year" is to foster intercultural understanding. We have submitted a project for the second phase of the dual year between Mexico and Germany wherein we propose bringing German professors to Mexico to share their cultural perspectives with the Mexican people. At the same time they will immerse themselves in Mexican culture and live many experiences that they can then share with the people of Germany. The participants would convert themselves into cultural entities of both their home country (Germany) and the country that they will visit (Mexico), in the end being capable of understanding, representing and conveying the values and traditions that exist in both cultures.  The project goals would be carried out through a series of afternoon talks, or Stammtisch that would be free and open to the public to provide a space for interaction, conversation and learning from one another. 


Dual Year Mexico/Germany

Language Classes

We are excited to offer an ever wider range of language classes at our school building in Merida. If you're interested in learning Spanish, English, or Japanese, let us know! 

Rolex Awards for Enterprise

An excerpt from the project proposal

"The majority of these young students arrive to Yucatan with the illusion of “helping,” however upon entering into direct contact with their local host family, working on community projects and interacting with the Yucatecan people, they discover that the one being helped is them; by being given attention, friendship, care and life-long connections.

They discover that the richness which we still possess here has vanished in many of the more developed countries and that many of the practices that they observe in Yucatan, they have only heard about from their grandparents, if even that.

They find in Yucatan an opportunity to reinvent and empower themselves and go out in the world sharing this experience which has changed their lives forever.

And so, how is it that our own children and youth here in Yucatan don’t realize what they have? They want the modern world, the developed world that everyone talks about and they lose perspective, ignore that which is most important; the roots that they have right here."


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