Our classes are taught with a focus in practical settings. You will develop strategies inside and outside of the classroom that will enrich your cultural experiences.

Spanish Class

Language classes provide a structure and method of tracking your progress throughout the acquisition process. Classes are made up of small groups of 2 to 8 students. The classroom provides a space for the development of grammar and vocabulary as well as a place to experiment and discover new aspects of the language.

Mayan Class

Yucatec Mayan is the indigenous language of Yucatán and is still spoken by thousands of people across the peninsula. In many rural households, Mayan is spoken primarily before Spanish. Through immersion in Mayan language you will learn to see the world in a new way while gaining the skills to communicate with Mayan-language speakers across the peninsula. Our teachers are native speakers of Mayan language and eager to share their language with you.

Culture Class

This class provides the student with a panoramic view of current Mayan society and the countless traditions that are maintained to this day. Throughout this course, students will analyze different eras and major events that have shaped Mayan history with the goal of being able to better understand the present.

Contemporary Society

You are looking for a train to take a journey. The final destination is your decision, or perhaps you simply want to stay on board and enjoy the ride, wherever it may take you. Discover different stations and diverse landscapes that represent the main elements in understanding the contemporary society of Mexico: politics, economics and social issues. Every society is a product of its past and its environment: Mexico and the Yucatan are no exception. How similar or different are they from your own society? You hear the whistle, the train is arriving to the station, hop on to see what you will discover!

Immersion Programs

We offer three starting options for immersion programs, language and family, cultural panorama, and total immersion. However, each of these is a general structure that can be supplemented by a wide variety of courses, workshops, conferences, cultural activities and trips.

Independent Project

At the end of our total immersion program, we offer the option of embarking on an independent project, where the students can dive into one area of interest and use the strategies that they have developed in a real context.

Class In a New Context

Academic hours are spent both inside and outside of the classroom. We believe that an essential part of learning about a new culture is living it. As part of all of our classes here at PICY, there will be academic time spent in real contexts such as markets and parks, interacting with the locals and discovering more than any lecture or textbook could ever offer.

Cultural Activities

Here in Merida, there are many activities organized by the city that invite visitors to learn about and enjoy the rich cultural heritage that is still thriving here. Monday night witness the vaqueria, then take a tour through the general cemetery on Wednesday. Take in the serenata on Thursdays and climb up to the roof of the cathedral to take in a unique view of the city.

Visit to a Rural Community

Though the city offers many interesting aspects, there is no way to truly understand the Yucatecan culture without experiencing life in a pueblo. Time slows down, smiles are bigger, conversations longer, and traditions stronger. We have been building relationships with small communities all around the peninsula for over a decade, and welcome you to join us on our next visit!