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"I feel really comfortable here, like it's my family, too."

Anita van Dam| Thailand

"I gained a lot of confidence and learned a lot about myself"

Adele Wise| USA

"PICY generates compassionate, tolerant and informed global citizens. The best immersion program there is!"

Kerry Stefancyk| USA

"Ich kam als Fremder und ging als Freund "

Roberto Birnbauer| Germany

"I never imaged I could speak Spanish or live in another country before PICY – now I have gained so much!"

Eliza Ruel| USA

"The program provided me with some of my most precious memories."

Cora Lewicki| USA

"A transformational experience that there are no words to describe – you need to live it for yourself!"

Rebecca Haydu| USA

"PICY’s immersion program allowed me to make the jump to become a Spanish-language speaker and changed me as a person."

Lillian Bronson| USA

"I gained immense wisdom from the culture and the people that I met through PICY. An incredible and unique place to study!"

Marissa Gilmour| Canada

"Karla’s innovative language teaching methods helped me feel comfortable and advance my Spanish. Highly recommended!"

Risa M. Conard| USA

"The door is always open, even to strangers. That's the difference. That's the Yucatan."

Sarah McCrackenov| USA

"The incredible connection I had with my host family was an eye-opening experience!"

Isabel Hussey| USA

"Karla´s Spanish immersion program opened up a world of meaning and relationships for me."

Matthew Lavoie| USA

"The Yucatan Immersion program was by far the most enjoyable and life changing experience in my college career."

Stuart Weymouth| USA

"Bárkinek óriási kaland ez a program."

Kiss Borbala| Hungary

"Les plus de PICY c'est l'orientation des cours vers la connaissance et découverte du Yucatán et ses traditions."

Philippe Depaepe| Belgium

"I felt really prepared and able to face the world in Spanish"

Allie Leight| USA

"Ich kann Karla in jeglicher Hinsicht weiterempfehlen"

Konstantin Krechting| Deutschland


Ellen Iida| Japan

"I built my ability to listen and comprehend and get my brain and my mouth to dance together"

Amanda Pajdo| USA

"I’m all about experiences, how else do you learn?"

Betsy Butner| USA

"It was definitely really difficult to hear certain things and learn to not only bite my tongue, but to accept that this is just how it is culturally and find the beauty in that."

Kayla Gagnon| USA

"I think the whole language barrier is challenging but it’s kind of fun to overcome"

Kerri Hughes| USA

"Nothing like I’ve experienced is what I thought it would be. I’ve experienced only good things and even being lost was fun! "

Kerri Morgan| USA

"And that for me was the immersion program, to take time to forget a little bit of who I was in order to let new things come in to me. "

Maria Alejandra Escalante| Colombia

"When we find ourselves in difficult situations, we find out new things about our abilities and especially about languages. "

Oksana Ilyina| Ukraine


  • Experience
  • Personalization
  • Innovation
  • Services
  • Passion

For years we have continuously refined the design and operation of our programs and consistently achieved successful results.

We strive to identify the particular interests of each participant and offer satisfactory solutions based on their needs.

Our method of language acquisition is effective because it works as an integrated system and a holistic process to achieve the desired results.

We go beyond language classes to organize field trips and extracurricular activities. We provide our students with support through every part of their experience.

We love what we do!