Living with a local family during your stay gives you much more than just a place to sleep and eat. It’s an opportunity to experience the culture of Yucatán through regular interactions and exchanges with people who you may be surprised to realize are some of the best teachers of language and culture because they speak and live it daily. In Yucatán, the people are known for their kindness, hospitality and desire to share. In true intercultural fashion, both you and your family will learn an incredible wealth of information about each other’s culture without even realizing it!

The family is also the strongest thread in the fabric of Mexican society. For this reason, we at PICY strongly encourage all of our students to stay with local families during our programs. Homestays are not mandatory, however, and we are happy to explore other options with students who prefer to explore different living situations.

Here you will find testimonials that speak for themlseves.

The Álvarez Manzanilla Family

I feel very happy to have participated in PICY's program for 5 years, which has provided us with an exchange of knowledge, experience, and bonds of affection between my family, my children, and the students. This program promotes sharing knowledge, traditions, and customs, and provides a chance for personal growth. Above all, I love spending time with my adoptive children, which has allowed me to perform my role as a mother, as in recent years my sons have left the nest for personal and professional pursuits. With the arrival of my new children, I haven't felt the "empty nest" syndrome. We have enjoyed living with them, taking trips, eating meals together at home, watching TV, going to the movies, etc. My adoptive daughters allow me to have the experience of having young women as my children, which has been an unforgettable one. Thank you PICY for inviting me and creating a program that is so creative and complete in cultural immersion.

The Contreras Concha Family

For many years, our family has hosted students from PICY's programs, who arrive with a strong desire to learn about our customs and culture.

Throughout all of these years, we have had the fantastic experience of spending time with wonderful people who end up becoming a part of our family. They know that our doors are always open whenever they want to return.

The Chan Verde Family

We have been lucky to participate as adoptive parents with PICY. We are happy to share our experience, which was something new and enriching for the whole family. We lived moments that have turned into treasured memories, from a simple conversation in the kitchen about any cultural theme, to the most precious family traditions. Our children live and learn from the experience of having an older sibling, and their adoptive sibling lives the experience of having younger siblings with different ideas, culture, language, and customs. Each and every family member learns from and enjoys this experience.

The sad part is saying good-bye, because after living the program none of us will be the same. We are left with all that we have learned. The best part of all is that your adoptive child will never stop being so even after they leave, because they know that we will always be here waiting for their return.

The Herrera Carreón Family

PICY is an innovative, multi-facet, and dynamic cultural immersion program, which provides mutual learning between the students, the school, and the family. Experiencing culture shock, breaking paradigms, opening minds, repsecting and accepting diversity, thinking differently, believing that young people are able to act maturely, discussing diverse themes with students over a cup of coffee on quiet mornings, during lunch and dinner, living together and reliving culture, traditions, food, family, friends, trips, experiences and anecdotes. Getting to know the uncertainty of tomorrow that young people experience and talk with them to reassure them that they are living something that we have already lived, boost their self-confidence, and of course help them learn Spanish when they need help with their homework. Thank you Karla Peña for inviting us to participate in PICY's programs, and to our students who, with their participation, work to make the world a better place.

The Murguia Bucio Family

We have participated in PICY's programs for two years, and it has been a very gratifying experience for us. The students have taught us different ways of viewing life. They are interested in learning Spanish and experiencing our traditions and way of life, while we are interested in learning abut their culture, which creates a valuable exchange. It's wonderful to share our family parties with them, as they form a part of our family. We feel much affection for our children, one who told us all about her hiking adventures in the US, and another who taught us all about the world of cinematography and Israeli culture.