Each of our immersion programs offers a unique mixture of activities. As an integral part of every program, PICY offers a range of services that we believe are essential to the well-being of the participants and the success of the programs.


Whether you’re planning on staying with us for one week or one year, PICY always offers some form of orientation; the simplest of which is a printed booklet that serves as an introductory guide to the culture and the city, and the most extensive of which is a week long trek around the peninsula to become acquainted with the food, language, culture and climate and resources that Yucatan has to offer.


Anytime that you are out of your comfort zone, you are sure to encounter many challenges. We are fully equipped and ready to help you meet all of your needs, both urgent and basic.


Along with our support services, we also provide consultation for ideas and projects. Many times when traveling, there are so many options and new opportunities that it is difficult to choose a focus area. With our extensive experience, we have many contacts and ideas to help you make the best decision possible.


PICY provides materials both before and during our programs. Before you come, we have a detailed student guide that helps you prepare for your experience with us. And while you're here, we supply all the class materials!


PICY is located in the center of Merida in a building that contains a library with a small but rich selection of books, magazines and articles, multiple fully equipped classrooms with projectors and air conditioning, computers and Wi-Fi, a beautiful green space, and a staff that is always ready and willing to help in any way possible. We hope that this experience will motivate the participants to discover new horizons as well as help them to significantly improve their grasp of the language.

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We recommend that all of our students have the experience of living with a local family in order to get an intimate feel for the culture. However, in some instances, depending on the type of program, it is possible to find alternative housing options such as renting apartments or staying in hotels. We are prepared to help contact and when needed act as a mediator between the student and their host family/landlord/etc.

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Complementary Classes/Workshops/Conferences

As part of our focus on personalized learning, we offer a wide range of supplemental classes and workshops to complement your main courses and enrich your time spent with us.

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Traveling around Yucatan allows you to see all that this region has to offer and provides a tangible and exciting aspect to the learning.