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Mérida, Yucatán, México/USA/Online

Description: Our methodology, that we fondly refer to as "rompiendo cocos" or “cracking open coconuts,” is built on a foundation of immersion and culture shock (a dis-orientation from our own perceptions and re-orientation to the new cultural perception that we are assuming). This methodology has been honed throughout 18 years of experience by our executive director, Karla Peña. Read more in depth in her master’s thesis (link) from the University of Nebrija, Spain.

Some of the concepts that we cover:

  • How to work with mistakes
  • Culture shock as a tool
  • The importance of Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Harnessing curiosity and creativity
  • Respecting Multiple Intelligences without labeling your students
  • The Affective dimension of teaching
  • Immersion in the classroom
  • Evaluating based on goals and values
  • And more…

Example : Merida, Yucatán

  • Transport from Cancun airport to hotel in Mérida
  • First night spent in hotel in the city center (shared rooms)
  • Information packet with map of the city, visitor information and local cellphone
  • All class materials will be provided
  • Orientation tour through the historical downtown area of Mérida
  • 4 nights spend with local host families. All meals included
  • Cultural activities: visit to the market, museums, "treasure hunt"
  • 5 work sessions (40 hours), for the course "Educacion: The Concert"
  • Traditional cooking workshop with a local family using public transport, cost included
  • Night spent in hotel in Cancun (shared rooms)
  • Transport to Cancun airport

$550-$750 USD *not including flight

  • Visit to archaeological site and caves, lunch in rural community. Private transport
  • Night spent in eco-cabins
  • Visit to second archaeological site. Bike ride, cenote, lunch. Private transport

$1000-$1250 USD

Example: USA

Have a group of language teachers that are interested in reinforcing their skills, bringing immersion into the classroom and sharing techniques? Contact us and we’ll bring our dynamic PDP to you!
We recommend that the course take place over a 5-day period, but it can be condensed into a weekend as well.
20 hours of work divided in 5 thematic sections, creation of a group blog to share ideas.

Online: TBD

Professional Development Programs


Participate free* with a group of 10 students!

*PICY will waive the program fee, but the cost of flights must be covered by the individual or the group.

Get your students excited about the practical uses of a foreign language! Short immersion programs can be just the impetus your class needs to motivate and excel. Remind your students that the best part of learning a language is using it to communicate and learn!

Ask us about running PD programs and student programs parallel to each other!

For High Schools

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Want to travel for a week or two? Get a group of 8 or more peers + a teacher and pick your program!

Spending 7-12 days immersed in another culture and practicing a new language will boost your competency, expand your vocabulary and provide you with life-long connections to a rich, vibrant culture that will always welcome you back with open arms. Spend some time in the villages and on the beaches of beautiful Yucatán as much more than a typical tourist.

Program Options

Week Long High School Programs

Mutual Exchange

We call this program our “Mutual Exchange” or “One2One” because it involves two people from different cultures taking each other’s places for a period of time. They switch countries, languages and families in a process of mutual exchange. In this simple program model, the students only need to pay for airfare and a small orientation and materials fee. The rest is simply living and learning, in someone else’s shoes!

Perfect for: high school students looking to study abroad for a term, individuals looking for an immersive experience on a budget, etc.

Have an idea of what you’d like to do and how long you’d like to stay in Yucatan? Let us know and we’ll find you a match for your Mutual Exchange.


  • Orientation and advice for students and parents.
  • Connection between exchange students and families.
  • Working with the receiving school/institution in MX (if applicable)
  • Help when arriving and leaving the country (getting to the airport, etc.)
  • Orientation in Mérida.
  • Weekly check-ins.
  • Signing documents of acceptance and responsibility before traveling
  • Re-immersion check-ups after students return to their home country.

Does NOT include:

  • Flight.
  • Personal spending money.
  • Transportation costs in Mexico.
  • VISA, Passport.