María Rejón Santana

Development of Social Projects and Spanish Professor

Maria is licensed in Architecture through the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán where she completed her project “Vivienda económica sustentable.” She also has a masters of architecture focused on economy, poitics and the environment through the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, through which she completed her project “La casa maya y la vivienda institucional en los solares de la localidad de Yaxunáh, Yucatán: hacia la construcción de un diálogo intercultural en las políticas de vivienda.”

Maria has collaborated in different local and national institutions in the design and management of scientific and social research projects. She has experience in developing and running environmental workshops related to bioclimatic architecture, bioconstruction, organic agriculture and permaculture for both children and adults.  

In PICY, Maria contributes to finding, developing and managing social projects related to the social goals of our organization. She participated in the Professional Development Program offered by PICY, which inspired her passion for communicative language teaching, especially for Spanish.