Eliosa Yah Caamal

Expert in traditional Mayan lifestyle arts

Eloisa is originally from Kinil, a small Mayan-speaking community of Yucatán, and therefore Mayan is her first language. She comes from an agricultural background and has experience and a true passion for planting and harvesting. When she was young she learned to embroider in the traditional xook bi chuy or “cross-stitch” method, to adorn the traditional dresses that Yucatecan women wear. From a young age, she also began to cook typical meals using pre-Hispanic techniques and today, her dishes are renowned as exquisite. She also specializes in hammock weaving and loves combining different colors and materials in each one of her creations. Eloisa truly is an expert in traditional lifestyle arts and loves sharing her passion and knowledge with anyone interested.

In PICY she is our professor of hammock weaving, traditional embroidery and traditional Mayan cooking.