Francisco Ic Gutiérrez

Liaison to rural communities and traditional life

Francisco is originally from Teabo, a community in Yucatán. Since he was young, he worked in the milpa, the traditional Mayan agricultural system, which has given him an extensive knowledge of the local forest and medicinal plants. He is a native Mayan speaker and is very knowledgeable about traditional life in the rural communities of Yucatán. He is familiar with routes and attractions in much of  southeastern Mexico. He is a great communicator and has worked as a reporter for a renowned Yucatecan newspaper.

He enjoys photography, writing chronicles of his travels, meeting people from around the world and exploring new places. He loves his Mayan culture and is always excited to share it with other people.

In PICY, Francisco helps with Maya-Spanish translations, is our liaison to rural communities, guides our field trips and is our resident expert on day-to-day activities in Mayan communities.