Betsy Butner



The family part, the immersion in the family was the best thing for me. Getting out and doing, like, normal, “Merida” activities was great. To actually be a part of a whole other world and to live in different conditions, it’s humbling, I guess. But it’s, I think everybody should do it. 

I’m going to take back, obviously with my presentation, I’m going to take back family values. I already have that, but, it intensifies, I guess, what we already have. 

I actually only did [the program] because I don’t have lots of money to spend, but I needed a course and this happened to be the only one that fit my plan. But I think everything happens for a reason and I think I’m here for a reason and that everyone else should, if they’re teetering, definitely do it. Live. I’m all about experiences, how else do you learn?